Patent Analytics


Patent analytics bring modern infographics and BI (Business Intelligence) technologies to the world of Intellectual Property. Understanding the context and environment of a patent or application is an important part of competitive analysis, product roadmap, clearance for commercial activities, and much more. Inventive-IP is offering the precision and ease of use that allows you to enter a text and get immediate infographics representation of the IP environment.

How it works

So simple and intuitive, anyone can use it! To find and access the patent information you need, just paste or type a test that represents the novelty you are investigating, select the type of analysis that interests you, and press GO.

Inventive-IP will analyze your text, search for patents that are similar, process them and provide the requested infographics, within seconds.

For example:

Patent families by year: See the evolvement of patent families over time

Patents age grouping:: See the intensity of grant of patents that are similar to your text, by their age groups (up to 4 years, 4-8 years, etc.).

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